ProBank Austin, the provider of LoanPricingPRO, provides numerous alternative set‐up configuration choices to best meet the needs of each financial institution using this powerful commercial loan pricing tool.

Tier I
No Interface
Tier I
With Interface
Tier II
No Interface
Tier II
With Interface
Tier III
With Loan Pricing
Tier III
Stand Alone
Full Functionality of LoanPricingPRO Software  fav target  target  target  target  target
Recommendations of Alternative Loan Terms to Achieve Target ROE  target  target  target  target  target
Full Software Support and Maintenance  target  target  target  target  target
Complete Software Customization target target target target target
Pipeline Reporting  target  target  target  target  target
View Relationship Profitability  target  target  target
ROE of Each Customer and Household  target  target  target
Enhanced Profitability Reporting  target  target  target
Targets & Assumptions
Peer Group Cost Assumptions  target  target
Annual Detailed Profitability Analysis  target  target
Precise ROE Target Development  target  target  target
Development of Bank-Specific Profitability Assumptions  target  target  target
Profitability System
Quarterly Profitability Analysis  target  target
Account Level Detail on Every View of Profitability  target  target
Provide Branch, Product, Line of Business, Officer, Customer and Household Profitability  target  target
Web-Based Profitability Reporting System  target  target
Full Integration Between LoanPricingPRO and Profitability System  target

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