Seven Secrets of Consistently High-Performing Community Banks

Nearly every financial institution, at one time or another, aspires to be ranked as high-performing. Much like every professional money manager strives to beat the “market” for their respective asset class, financial institution leaders seek to deliver return performances which exceed their respective benchmarks over extended periods of time. Being ranked in the top quartile of your respective peer group is the ultimate achievement.

However, the industry’s performance metrics were rocked by the financial upheaval which accompanied the great recession. During the prolonged weak recovery that has followed, just exactly what qualifies as a high-performing institution has been a question mired in great uncertainty. Defining this is the easy part.

Of great interest are the financial and operational strategies and behaviors that allow motivated institutions access to this elite group. With 30 years of industry experience, I’ve studied the best-of-the best to determine what the common behaviors and practices are that lead to high achievement, and I recently shared those “secrets” in this webinar.

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