Increasing Loan Portfolio Profitability in a Slow Growth Environment

How We Turned Around a Rural, Low Growth Bank in Just Two Years

We turned the Webinar microphone over to LoanPricingPRO client Michael Scheopner, Chief Risk Officer of Landmark National Bank, Manhattan, Kansas, (now CEO of the bank), to hear him tell how the bank went from a 4% to a 12% ROE in just two years, improving pricing and decreasing risk. With the help of Austin Associates and LoanPricingPRO® , the bank implemented credit risk adjusted ROE profit targets that were specific by loan size and by product type, and which bore a close relationship to the current actual ROE’s of the commercial loan portfolio for loans of same size. Existing loans previously earning ROE’s of 5% ‐ 13%, were increased quickly to 6% ‐ 16%, which helped to move the bank as a whole from 4% to 12% overall. Michael explains in his own words how this change was implemented and how it helped the bank recover from the great recession of 2008.

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