LoanPricingPRO Next Generation WPF Desktop Edition Installation Instructions

LoanPricingPRO Silver Edition will be retired in late 2021.  If you are still using the Silver Edition, you will need to upgrade to the newer user interface before October 2021. Read below for install instructions.

LoanPricingPRO Silver Edition

The team at LoanPricingPRO is excited to launch the new Microsoft WPF Desktop Edition. WPF is a mature technology for line of business desktop applications. This new version of LoanPricingPRO can be installed on any Windows device, including popular tablets like the Microsoft Surface. Existing LoanPricingPRO users will find the user interface to be very similar to the Silverlight Edition that currently runs in Internet Explorer.

LoanPricingPRO WPF Desktop Application

The new Desktop Edition has many benefits, including:

  • Increased security by eliminating the need to use a web browser
  • Faster processing with no web browser overhead
  • Data remains in the cloud allowing the LoanPricingPRO team to keep your system updated
  • Automatic updates to ensure you’re always running the latest version

Please contact us with any questions.  This is how to install the new version:

  • Click “Client Login” and select the WPF Desktop Edition

  • The install screen will launch in a new browser tab.  Click “Install”.  Setup.exe will be downloaded to your computer.  Run Setup.exe, once the download is finished.

  • If you get a security prompt, click “More Options” and “Run Anyway”.  We have a code signing certificate that ensures you are installing from ProBank Austin.  This will be displayed on the next screen

  • This is where you will see the trusted certification.  Click “Install” to continue.

  • The application will download, install, and add a desktop shortcut.

  • Once the install completes, the application should launch automatically.  You can login using the menu in the top right.