LoanPricingPRO Registers Record Increase in Client Use in 2019

Many thanks to our new and continuing clients – we couldn’t do it without You!

LoanPricingPRO® software, the commercial loan pricing system from ProBank Austin, had its best year ever in 2019, experiencing client utilization growth of 21%, following solid growth of over 10% in 2018.  Growth was fueled by both new clients signing up to use the internet delivered pricing tool and accelerating utilization by existing clients.

LoanPricingPRO® enables financial institutions to apply credit risk based pricing principles and full customer relationship profitability analysis to determine the most appropriate pricing terms for each new or renewing loan relationship.

Here are just a few highlights from 2019:

  • Record number of new clients signing up to use LoanPricingPRO®;
    • Scalability of the software was evident, as numerous new clients in the $1 – $10 Billion size class joined our client group during the year;
    • Analytical relevance also applied to our new clients in the under $300 Million size class as we assisted these clients by applying customized profitability metrics tailor made for these smaller institutions;
    • Clients in our historical sweet-spot, institutions between $300 Million and $1 Billion in assets, grew at a record pace as well;
  • Use rates by existing clients showed accelerating activity from established users, indicating increased confidence levels in the system’s modeled results and the appropriateness of the system generated pricing recommendations;
  • New clients represented every major region of the United States;
  • Total loan portfolio balances under the guidance of LoanPricingPRO® users increased by 28% during the year.

What is even more interesting are some of the reasons why clients either began or increased their use of LoanPricingPRO® during 2019, including:

  • LoanPricingPRO® is analytically accurate and easy to use;
  • Profitability targets are based on each client’s existing loan portfolio’s Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC) and closely matches the pricing expectations of customers within each client’s actual market;
  • The cost of using LoanPricingPRO® is low in comparison to larger national software vendors, whose long-term, iron-clad contracts, and high-pressure sales tactics don’t meet the needs of community-based financial institutions;
  • Initial and ongoing training and support provides the necessary knowledge-transfer to take place so that lenders can become expert-users in a short period of time;
  • Excellent reporting tools provide the essential documentation for both individual loans and customer relationships, and deep insights into complete loan portfolios. 

During 2020 your institution is likely to incur significant pressure on loan pricing, due to increasing marketplace competition and the rate cuts by the Federal Reserve in 2019, potentially reducing your yield, net interest income and profit. Beginning to utilize LoanPricingPRO® early in 2020 will allow your institution to significantly mitigate these risks.

Isn’t it time you empowered your lenders with the knowledge, insight and analytically appropriate pricing recommendations provided by LoanPricingPRO®?

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