Officer Profitability Reporting

We’ve always had a basic understanding of how each of our loan officers performed. By monitoring the size and yield of their individual loan portfolios, we were able to see in general how their loans were contributing to our bottom line.

What we really wanted was a more exacting look at the make-up of each lender’s individual portfolio. We were convinced that this information could help us to identify which key drivers were responsible for generating above-average returns. We could then use that information to leverage the bank’s overall performance.

The LoanPricingPRO Officer Profitability Report used data extracted from our system. Since it reconciled directly to our financial statements, we knew that everything was being properly accounted for. The simple graphical depiction made our analysis easy. The accompanying detailed reporting actually examined each unique customer, separated by lender. We were able to see the profit contribution by loan size, yield, net interest margin and non-interest income. All elements were compared to bank-wide averages and High/Low ranges.

This information was, without doubt, among the most valuable that we have ever purchased. This report alone generated returns that more than paid for LoanPricingPRO®.