Ask the Right Questions

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

-W. Edwards Deming, Management Expert

This applies to the area of commercial loan portfolio management. Surprisingly few community-based financial institutions have loan portfolio information consistently available to answer critical questions they should know the answers to, like:

  • Who are my Top 10 Most Profitable Customers?
  • What is the ROE of the commercial loan portfolio?
  • Does the CRE portfolio have a higher return than C&I loans?
  • Which lender has the highest ROE? What are they doing differently?

LoanPricingPRO efficiently provides answers to all of the above questions, and more! You’ll know the Top 10 most profitable customers in every portfolio. You will identify larger relationships that are under-performing. You can actively manage the account, make improvements and bring them up to the portfolio wide averages. You will have a consistent system for tracking profitability trends over time and a sound basis for making incentive based compensation decisions that are based on profitability results.

Portfolio Management

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