Developed for, with and by our client institutions

Just a word about the historical development of our product, and the important role our clients have played in making this a tool they prefer over all others. ProBank Austin, the consultancy providing LoanPricingPRO to community financial institutions, first began providing outsourced profitability solutions in 1999 when a number of our ALM clients first demonstrated an interest in having assistance in understanding product, branch and customer profitability.

We developed an outsourced solution to allow community financial institutions to acquire the same detailed insights into customer profitability as larger institutions had from in-house implementations. Within a short while, our profitability clients, appreciating the comprehensiveness and the accuracy of the historical profitability information we were providing to them, requested our assistance in developing a forward looking tool that used this same information to make better decisions about pricing today, and into the future.

Our desire to continue to meet our client’s needs in an ever increasing manner, led us to develop an earlier version of the ProBank Austin’s Commercial Loan Pricing System, which, through the assistance of our entire client base over time has evolved, through multiple generations of software development into the system we provide today. Along the way, as in the beginning, our clients have provided the impetus for innovation and discovery that has led to improvements in the system too numerous to mention, but all sharing a single theme. Our clients have asked for new features and functionality, and provided suggestions for improvement.

For our part, we have provided our expertise and experience as financial institution profitability and ALM consultants and advisors, and as system programmers and developers, to forge a product unsurpassed in relevancy for today’s competitive lending environment, and for lenders seeking tools to best assist them in managing within that environment. We are grateful to all of our current clients and system users, and look forward to welcoming you into our network of clients, business partners, co-developers and friends.

Brought to you by the Trusted Advisors of ProBank Austin