Loan Pricing Model Target Return on Equity (ROE) Calibration

Successful loan pricing model implementations rely on many variables including management commitment, lender buy-in, and proper software calibration. Calibration is a 2-step process requiring accurate assignment of product profitability assumptions, and then based on those assumptions, product by product ROE target assignments

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LoanPricingPRO Clients Outperform Peers

Essential Concepts in Pricing Loans Many financial institutions experienced record earnings in 2018.  The one-time impact of the new tax law coupled with continued improvement in both asset quality and loan yields more than offset the rising cost of funds banks experienced in the second half of the year. In 2018, The Federal Reserve continued

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4th Quarter 2018 Newsletter

So, What Should Lenders Be Doing Now?

Essential Concepts in Pricing Loans Current Lending Environment The US banking environment is in a new, more unpredictable phase as we begin 2019.  Economic growth continues to chug along nicely, poised to achieve a 3% plus GDP growth rate on an annual basis for the first time in many years.   However, all major US stock

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Credit for Funding on Non-Maturity Deposits

Relationship profitability is an important metric within most pricing models. While it is important to understand the profitability impact of individual new loans, it is crucial to understand how the pricing decision on a new credit will impact the profitability of the entire customer relationship. These relationships often include deposit accounts.

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