Six Ways to Achieve ROI on your Commercial Loan Pricing System Investment

Commercial lending executives often identify two perceived barriers to implementing
state‐of‐the‐art commercial loan pricing systems. Cost ranks as the primary objection followed
closely by a lack of familiarity with the software’s benefits. Like many other challenges and
barriers that may be encountered, there are effective solutions to overcome your concerns
with attaining an appropriate Return on Investment (ROI) on your loan pricing system

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2017 Community Bank Budget Review

At ProBank Austin, we are always curious at this time of year to find out what’s on the minds of our community bank clients, and in particular, to better understand their plans and goals for the coming year.

As consultants serving clients from around the country, we have a unique window into the thinking of community bankers, as each year we assist our ALCO clients with the preparation of their annual budgets. By confidentially analyzing and comparing these annual financial plans, we are able to provide all community bankers with insight into how their expectations for 2017 compare with that of their peers.

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What Exactly Is Loan Pricing Discipline and Why Does it Matter NOW?

In its simplest form, loan pricing discipline exists when a financial institution implements a system that ensures that loan rates and fees move in concert with movements in related market rates. This system must assure that a variety of objectives are being attained, including that margins are maintained or expanding, desired behaviors are incentivized, and critical performance information is generated. This system must possess at least each of the following functional capabilities

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Omni-Channels: The Effects of New Technologies on Bank and Branch Profitability

With the introduction and expansion of fintech through mobile apps, internet services, and digital banking, customers are demanding more convenient ways to accomplish their banking needs.

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Seven Secrets of Consistently High-Performing Community Banks

Nearly every financial institution, at one time or another, aspires to be ranked as high-performing. Much like every professional money manager strives to beat the “market” for their respective asset class, financial institution leaders seek to deliver return performances which exceed their respective benchmarks over extended periods of time. Being ranked in the top quartile

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